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Here at Lang Canine Obedience, we want to do our part in assisting with successful foster dog placement.  We feel that foster families play such a crucial role in the life of a rescue pup, so we provide discounted services specifically designed to increase the chances of successful forever homes. 

Temperament Tests

We can provide a thorough personality assessment of any dog determining their strengths, potential sensitivities, and insight into what we believe their perfect family type should be. 

Obedience Lessons

Sometimes foster pups need a little time working through a struggle before they can be sent off to a forever family.  And, sometimes a certain behavior of theirs is preventing a family from taking them in.  Let us help you work with your foster and show you how to teach their new family to keep up the work you started.


Foster Family Course

A multi-level course provided to those wanting to be repeat foster parents.  You will learn how to recognize potential troubling behaviors, how to teach common commands, home etiquette, basic first aid, how to properly introduce dogs, and so much more.  Group discounts available.

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