Training Packages

Puppies are hard, and their teeth are sharp!  Our Puppy Headstart Package is specially designed to make the early days of bringing your puppy home easier.  This 3-6 lesson package will help you through potty training, puppy nipping, chewing, and basic commands.  We will even work on handling to prepare for grooming and vet visits, early puppy socialization, crate training, and more.  For puppies aged 8 weeks to 5 months.

As a fun edition, each puppy that passes our 6 lesson package is eligible to be recognized through the American Kennel Club as a S.T.A.R. Puppy!  Your puppy will receive their very own ribbon and AKC issued certificate stating that your puppy has successfully completed professional training and is a valued member of our community.  Read more about the S.T.A.R. Puppy test HERE!

Basic obedience is the foundation of a well-behaved dog.  In this 5 lesson package, we teach commands that are fun, useful, and enriching.  Basic commands do have the ability to be reliable when properly trained, so our goal is teach you how to reinforce such commands even when life throws a few distractions at us.  You and your dog will learn how to communicate with each other, how to use basic commands to problem solve poor behaviors, and ensure your dog listens effectively and equally to all who live with them.  Full family involvement is highly encouraged. For dogs aged 6 months to adult.

Want your dog to be recognized as a well-behaved canine?  After successfully completing our Basic Obedience Package, we can administer the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen test!  Read more about the Canine Good Citizen test HERE!

After your dog has excelled with basic commands, Advanced Obedience is the next step.  This 10 lesson package puts all concentration on quick responses from your dog in the most challenging of environments – with or without a leash.  If you’ve dreamed of your dog being completely off-leash trained, taking your dog to work with you, or need specialty training for a specific occupation, this is the package for you.  The benefits are limitless.  We will work together to reach whatever realistic goals you have in mind for your dog.  Whether you want tricks, specialty commands, or frequent visits to dog-friendly places, your dog will be the best walker, greeter, and listener in all of Austin. For dogs aged 6 months to adult.

Does your dog display behaviors that concern you? Do you avoid other people and dogs on walks?  Does your dog dig, bark incessantly, or have separation anxiety?  Or maybe, you’ve noticed your dog has become possessive of their toys, space, food, or crate?  If you can relate to any of the above, this 5-10 lesson package is for you.  Behavior modification can be tiring and trying, that’s why we specialize in finding the right training method to help your dog overcome their reactivity, fear, shyness, or habitually poor behavior.  We will tirelessly work with you to find why your dog behaves the way they do and work to solve the problem, teaching alternative and positive responses to their sensitivities.

This 7 lesson package is perfect for the city dweller Austinites, or those who frequent dog-friendly establishments.  Part of the package is done in your home teaching the basics of command response, the other part is done out in the streets making sure your pup is safe, social, and well-behaved around people, kids, dogs, and all that the world has to offer.  We will spend time proofing your dog’s commands for the highest distractions while stressing the importance of good public-dog ownership.  Puppies and adult dogs are eligible for this package after they have passed our temperament test during our Free Evaluation.

What’s better than knowing your dog is well-behaved around town?  Being a American Kennel Club recognized Urban Canine Good Citizen!  Completing the Downtown Doggie Package earns your dog the opportunity to take the Urban Canine Good Citizen test where they will receive a ribbon and certificate acknowledging their exceptional public manners.  Learn more about the test HERE!

Kids and dogs can be the best of friends!  But before your dog can enjoy endless playtime and cuddles, we first must help them adjust to life with baby.  At Lang Canine Obedience, we stress the importance of having a safe environment for everyone in your home, which means training your dog before baby arrives.  We will teach you and your dog how to prepare for the arrival of your little one by working on leash manners with a stroller, how to ride in the car safely with baby, tolerating little fingers and potential pinches, how to stay for long periods of time, quietly greeting guests when they come to visit, and much more.  Lesson quantity depends on amount of dogs in the home, so be sure to CONTACT us today to discuss how we can help you!


If you are looking to bring home a new puppy or dog, but wish to be sure their personality fits well with your family’s lifestyle, consider booking a temperament test with us today.  We will thoroughly evaluate the dog’s behavior, personality, and quirks determining if they are your perfect match.

What Clients Say

Read some of the appreciated thoughts of our valued clients.

“Andrea trained my difficult pup when she was little. She taught her commands that other trainers could not. Andrea is very skilled, kind, and genuinely loves dogs. She’s the best!”

– Jenny B

“Absolutely amazing experience! Loved working with them in my home! Everything was tailored to our family. Even had training sessions to help my daughter handle the puppy!”

– Jill S

“Andrea is wonderful! She trained our 2 year old terrier after he had anxiety form a recent move. We used her again to train our English setter puppy, and was fantastic. When we were expecting our first child, Andrea arrange several sessions with our dogs to help prepare us and them for the arrival of our new baby. She taught us things we didn’t even know we should learn before our baby arrived, and the skills she taught our dogs and us as owners were priceless. I have recommended her to everyone I know with dogs for any reason. We love you Andrea!”

– Sarah G

“She worked with my crazy German Shepherd Rosko . He was a lot better after he got trained . Definitely recommend her 100 % !”

– Gwen Z

“The only person I trust with my dog. Andrea gave my family confidence to adopt a timid dog and her guidance and suggestions helped us all grow in confidence together.”

– Ashlyn T

“Highly recommend! We had Andrea work with our German Shepherd puppy and she did awesome! She is prompt, positive, and the dogs just love her. We learned that she needed to train us more than the dog lol!”

– Rob T

“My beautiful, sweet German Shepherd dog, Chloe, is quite the social butterfly. She wants to visit with everyone but this has not always been the case. As a shy puppy she had a harrowing experience with a bully dog trainer and as a result, she decided all people were bad and she had to protect herself and me from them in a very frightful manner. We tried several other trainers and even though they were good with her, we couldn’t stop the reactive behavior. I was even told I could re-home her, something that was never an option for me. Chloe was wonderful with her family and I knew she could be with others if I could find someone to help her. That someone was Andrea Lang. The first day Andrea met Chloe, she told my baby in a very pleasant manner that she wasn’t afraid of her and that they would become good friends, and so they did. In Andrea’s confident, professional yet very pleasant and friendly way, she worked with Chloe and me to help her get over this behavior and discover that people actually are good and they even have treats!
The difference in my dog is remarkable. Friends that knew Chloe as a puppy/young adult are amazed at the change. Often I hear that she’s not the same dog, but she is, just the Andrea Lang version. What a joy it has become to visit with Chloe’s human friends and to make new ones, none of which would have been possible without the talents of Andrea. Andrea is truly a “dog whisperer” and any dog and pet parent would be blessed to have her as a trainer.”

– R. A. Flanders