Dog Walker at the Park



Improve the communication between you and your pet and strengthen the human-animal bond. You will better know what your dog needs and wants and they will better know how to respond appropriately.

After your dog has excelled with basic commands, Advanced Obedience is the next step.  This  package puts all concentration on quick responses from your dog in the most challenging of environments – with or without a leash.  If you’ve dreamed of your dog being completely off-leash trained, taking your dog to work with you, or want specialty training, this is the package for you.  The benefits are limitless.  We will work together to reach whatever realistic goals you have in mind for your dog.  Whether you want tricks, specialty commands, or frequent visits to dog-friendly places, your dog will be the best walker, greeter, and listener in all of Austin. For dogs aged 6 months to adult.

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Walking with Dogs