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Austin's Premier Dog Trainer, Andrea Lang, has been successfully helping dogs and their owners become the best they can be! If you want to be a part of our Dog Training Success Stories then click on the links below  today – our goal is to make both the dogs and the owners have a wonderful, happy relationship! 


Andrea provided phenomenal care to our rescue dog, who frankly would have been a tough train for any family. Andrea will come to your home, is incredibly punctual, and goes above and beyond to ensure that your needs and the needs of your dog are met. I cannot not rave about the service she provided enough and have recommended her to every Austin-based dog owner I know. I learned so much from Andrea and can honestly say I am a much better dog owner because of her work.

-Miguel A

To date, my husband and I have had two sessions with Andrea. AMAZING! We’ve already gotten so much value out of the lessons. She’s very clear, patient, and nice! I feel like my jaw is dropped after each session because we’ve already seen changes in our Boston Terrier that we had tried to do ourselves for a year, but she helped us accomplish with quite simple changes/steps. Also, everything is definitely humane and our dog enjoys the lessons & the daily practice we do after Andrea leaves. 100% worth it for our fur baby!

-Josie B

Andrea helped me learn how to navigate training my corgi puppy Sunny! I had no idea how to go about training a new pup because Sunny is my first dog I’ve ever raised on my own. Andrea was punctual, informative and super helpful! She made training sessions easy to understand and helped me learn how to replicate training on my own, I’ve incorporated all of these things into our everyday lives. It was so nice to be able to understand what my puppy was trying to tell me, or what her actions were saying! Definitely recommend booking a training session with her, you won’t regret it!

- Alissa G

We have a sweet, almost one year old pup with a ton of energy so we contacted Lang Canine Obedience for some help. Andrea responded promptly to setup an in-home evaluation. When I met Andrea, I liked her immediately. Her approach to dog (and handler) training is the perfect blend of experience, science, and relatable stories. She created a training plan tailored to our family and she delivered! Our weekly “homework” was well explained and easy to implement. By our last lesson I felt I had the vocabulary and tools to cement the behaviors we expect from our pup. Andrea will definitely be my first call if we need a refresher or if we encounter a new, unwanted behavior. She’s amazing with dogs! (and humans) ;)

-Samantha B

Andrea is definitely a cut above the rest. Not only does she help train your dog, but she gives you all the skills you need to keep your dogs training going i.e. training the trainer (or owner in this sense). She breaks everything down in digestible bites so her training regiment is consumable and easy to understand. I cannot recommend her enough!!!


We could not recommend Andrea enough!! She is extremely professional, polite, responsive, and is truly an expert at working with dogs. She had so much patience with our goldendoodle puppy (and us as we were first time dog owners). She took the time to walk us through every command and exercise to make sure we felt 100% confident in our ability to continue the training without her. Her lessons were engaging and extremely informative. Our puppy loved Andrea!! We are very pleased with the results and look forward to working with Andrea on advanced lessons. 10/10 recommend!!

-Madison P

“Absolutely amazing experience! Loved working with them in my home! Everything was tailored to our family. Even had training sessions to help my daughter handle the puppy!”

– Jill S

“Andrea is wonderful! She trained our 2 year old terrier after he had anxiety form a recent move. We used her again to train our English setter puppy, and was fantastic. When we were expecting our first child, Andrea arrange several sessions with our dogs to help prepare us and them for the arrival of our new baby. She taught us things we didn’t even know we should learn before our baby arrived, and the skills she taught our dogs and us as owners were priceless. I have recommended her to everyone I know with dogs for any reason. We love you Andrea!”

– Sarah G

“Andrea trained my difficult pup when she was little. She taught her commands that other trainers could not. Andrea is very skilled, kind, and genuinely loves dogs. She’s the best!”

– Jenny B

“She worked with my crazy German Shepherd Rosko . He was a lot better after he got trained. Definitely recommend her 100 % !”

– Gwen Z

“Highly recommend! We had Andrea work with our German Shepherd puppy and she did awesome! She is prompt, positive, and the dogs just love her. We learned that she needed to train us more than the dog lol!”


– Rob T

“The only person I trust with my dog. Andrea gave my family confidence to adopt a timid dog and her guidance and suggestions helped us all grow in confidence together.”

– Ashlyn T

"Andrea was incredible at helping me train my smart, strong-willed Labrador puppy, Maggie! We went to a traditional, group puppy class first. But at the end of the 6 week sessions I was disappointed at what we actually learned. That's when I found Andrea! Our one-on-one sessions were in my home where she went through a tailored training regimen weekly to help Maggie learn manners, walking properly on leash and eliminate bad behaviors such as jumping and barking when the doorbell rang. We were able to work at Maggie's pace of learning and I could see Maggie's improvement with each week of training. Andrea is wonderfully patient at explaining/demonstrating the best methods for your pet and providing homework exercises to do in between training sessions. Maggie is now successfully trained off-leash and is a well-behaved member of society  :). We owe it all to Andrea!"

- Lisa P

“My beautiful, sweet German Shepherd dog, Chloe, is quite the social butterfly. She wants to visit with everyone but this has not always been the case. As a shy puppy she had a harrowing experience with a bully dog trainer and as a result, she decided all people were bad and she had to protect herself and me from them in a very frightful manner. We tried several other trainers and even though they were good with her, we couldn't stop the reactive behavior. I was even told I could re-home her, something that was never an option for me. Chloe was wonderful with her family and I knew she could be with others if I could find someone to help her. That someone was Andrea Lang. The first day Andrea met Chloe, she told my baby in a very pleasant manner that she wasn't afraid of her and that they would become good friends, and so they did. In Andrea's confident, professional yet very pleasant and friendly way, she worked with Chloe and me to help her get over this behavior and discover that people actually are good and they even have treats!

The difference in my dog is remarkable. Friends that knew Chloe as a puppy/young adult are amazed at the change. Often I hear that she's not the same dog, but she is, just the Andrea Lang version. What a joy it has become to visit with Chloe's human friends and to make new ones, none of which would have been possible without the talents of Andrea. Andrea is truly a "dog whisperer" and any dog and pet parent would be blessed to have her as a trainer.”

- R. A. Flanders

"Andrea is confident, trustworthy, and patient! Our shepherd desperately needed help and after finding Andrea she did tremendous hard work to get her back to obedience. It is well worth the investment for your pup and handlers!"

- Liz G

"When all others said I would “fail”, Andrea provided me with positive and effective training methods to succeed. Her knowledge and experience in the area of canine behavior training is exemplary. Andrea was able to quickly assess the individual personalities of both of my canines and tailor a specific program that continues to serve the needs of my family. She provides her clients with tools and resources necessary to achieve the desired outcome we all strive to attain with our canine companions. Andrea’s training methods are positive, understandable, and individually tailored. Her attention to customer service is outstanding. I am forever grateful!"

- Susan V

"I honestly cannot say enough good things about Andrea and her training methods! She came to our House for in-home training sessions. Not only was she prompt and easy to work with, she always put me at ease and helped build my self-confidence as I worked with our pup. She gave us solid training methods that we could easily apply and were successful."

- Emily E

"Our young Labrador (Lucy) went after a coyote in our back yard, today. Thanks to Andrea's patient instruction and hard work on “recall”, I was able to call Lucy back and she turned and came, even though she really wanted to continue to run to it. Lucy has a spirited personality, is independent and super smart, and we would have been frustrated with her, if we hadn’t spent time, working with her, under Andrea’s instruction. We were even able to pass a really hard therapy dog certification test, with Andrea’s help, earlier this year. A well trained dog is a really beautiful thing, and I doubt that there is a dog that Andrea can’t teach. She has an amazing ability to adapt to the learning style of each person who is training."

- Sandy G

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