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Going for a Walk


Andrea is committed to educating dog owners on the best and most humane ways to train their dogs by keeping up with the latest science-based methods of the dog training industry. Andrea also values providing excellent customer service. She is available to answer questions and provide support to her clients between training lessons. Lang Canine Obedience is a fully insured company that is recognized by the American Kennel Club and The Association of Professional Dog Trainers as a trustworthy and ethical dog training business.

Andrea Lang, the founder and owner of Lang Canine Obedience, has been educating dog owners and trainers on canine behavior and training sciences since 2010. She provides a variety of services, such as behavior modification and rehabilitation, puppy training, basic and advanced obedience training, Canine Good Citizen testing, litter evaluations, bite prevention training, and more.

Andrea's mission is to help owners train their own dogs using positive and science-based training techniques. She shows owners how to communicate effectively with their dogs and how to deal with different scenarios using proper counter and classical conditioning training exercises. She customizes her teaching style to match the needs and preferences of each family member, making the lessons enjoyable, informative, and practical. 


Andrea has a remarkable love for dogs that shows in her work.    She has a strong commitment to keeping up with the latest research and best practices in dog training and canine behavior. Her expertise covers a wide range of topics, from obedience to behavior modification and socialization.


Andrea's extensive experience in working with pet parents and guiding other trainers enables her to be patient with both owners and their dogs. She creates a judgment-free learning environment where clients feel comfortable and confident in front of her.


Andrea is passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals and enjoy the learning process. She is always on time, attentive, and proactive in communicating with your family. Her lessons are designed to be engaging and stimulating for learners of all levels.

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